Laser Hair Removal–Diolaze


Unwanted body hair can be a constant irritation in the lives of those who constantly try to rid themselves of excess hair on their legs, back, face, arms, bikini line, or anywhere else on the body. Shaving has to be done regularly though scratchy stubble is often the result in between shaves. Waxing is an option for those wanting to get a truly clean surface but waxing is painful, not permanent and can be expensive when relied upon to keep hair at bay. Plucking is also painful and time consuming and isn’t a real solution for larger areas of skin that are covered in unwanted hair.

Now an easy solution

In the past, there wouldn’t have been much more that could be done to truly get rid of unwanted hair permanently, however, thousands of people are now able to rely on laser hair removal to get rid of stubborn, unwanted hair once and for all.

Diolaze hair removal is a safe and effective solution option for all skin and hair types, even those who have very course hair or a large surface area to treat. Using a hand held device that combines high peak power and pulsing to target each hair follicle at its root, the Diolaze advanced laser destroys each hair preventing future regrowth. The Diolaze instrument is built with what is known as a “chill tip” which keeps it from getting too hot during the procedure and helps to create a comfortable experience for the patient.

Most Diolaze treatments can be completed in a half an hour or less though the number of treatments required in total will depend on each patient, how large or an area requires treatment, and how course the hair is prior to treatment. After each Diolaze treatment, patients can expect to return to their regular activities without any downtime required.

Since hair grows at different rates and in different stages, at least a couple of treatments will be needed to target each follicle at its root and effectively keep the hair from growing back in the future. Many patients might notice results after just one to two treatments while others won’t notice significant results until all the treatment sessions have been completed.

Diolaze is considered a very low risk treatment option which is also completely non-invasive making it and even more appealing option for those wanting to rid their bodies of unwanted hair once and for all.